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Short Bio
The architect, Emanuela Pin, having completed her studies at the State Art School at Treviso in north-east Italy, then went on to one of the founding universities of architecture in Italy, IUAV in Venice, graduating in 1999 with her thesis titled `A Technological Park in Vittorio Veneto`, which focussed on environmental issues. At the beginning of her career, and with great artistic awareness, Emanuela devoted herself to graphics and conceptual ideas, creating highly innovative products and accessories for bathroom furnishings.
Since 2000 Emanuela has been working for an important restoration company at Vittorio Veneto in the province of Treviso, involved in the renovation of listed historic buildings. Numerous collaborations with architecture and interior design studios and internationally renowned companies, such as Permasteelisa Interiors, have become an integral part of her work.
Since 2013, Emanuela has been involved in the design and restoration of environmental-ecosystem properties, and in the design of bespoke furnishings, reflecting her attention to detail with the use of biocompatible and high-energy saving systems.
In 2015 Emanuela became a lecturer and international expert in the Puglia region for the implementation of the European `Conservation and Enhancement of the Landscape and Cultural Heritage` project.
Architectural Design
The studio has twenty years’ experience providing clients with the combined expertise gained in the field of design, construction management and project coordination, with the collaboration of skilled craftsmen and other professionals involved in design, restoration and sustainable and energy-saving architecture. In addition, online consulting services are provided regarding the feasibility study, design and distribution of spaces, finishing materials and the use of sustainable systems for energy requalification of buildings.
Architectural work involving structural consolidation or restoration, aimed at a building’s conservation and recovery, is undertaken, respecting the typological, formal and structural elements including decoration and the restoration of frescoes.

Interior design
The design of spaces and furnishings in both public and private buildings, be they homes, business establishments, hospitality spaces or work environments, with particular attention focussed on all practical and functional aspects.

The team’s wealth of experience and professional approach are the guarantee for the clients. Constantly keeping up to date and careful attention to detail represent the fundamental characteristics that distinguish us from the others. Each client's requirement is seen as a challenge, a stimulus to creativity, with the main objective of bringing the wishes of each client to fruition.
Project Design Sketches
Freehand sketching is the main language by which designers express themselves, giving vent to their creativity. The Archepin team express the initial idea on paper as the starting point, developing the space and introducing the details – a system also used on site to allow the team of craftsmen and masons understand how the project is to be carried out. The project sketches can either then be further worked on by the colleagues in two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphic representations, or are simply relayed to the construction site.
The Philosophy
A building and all its constituent parts form a single organism, the structure of which is like the skin: it must protect, isolate, breathe, absorb, allow evaporation, regulate and communicateThe ultimate goal is, therefore, to design the elements (the skin) that meet the physical, biological and spiritual needs of the client, so all the components, from the structure itself to the colour scheme and the furnishing elements, must interact harmoniously with man and the environment to ensure good hygiene and health, in consideration of the construction methods used in the past, combined with the latest construction techniques of the present.
Online Consultancy
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